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One fan loves you…

That fan loves you with all her heart…

When do we say we are a “fan” of someone or some people? Is it when whenever we see them on screen, we suddenly scream: “kyaaa!” oh! I really like that person!”, or is it when we stalk them, know their full name, determine the things they like and the things they dislike? When do we really say: Oh! I am that guy or that girl’s fan. ?

I was 8 yrs. old when I begin my journey on how a person becomes a real “fan”.

There was this drama that aired in my country (Philippines) in 2006. That time, I don’t know much about dramas especially Kdramas; I didn’t pay much attention to them. All I did was watch cartoons whenever I open the T.V. But, one day a Kdrama caught my attention. When I saw the trailer I told myself: Oh! I’m gonna watch that! And so I did.

After watching this drama, I found myself very inlove with it. This is when I started watching music videos and behind the scenes. The couple in there also became my favorite couple. I love seeing the two of them together and for the first time, I wished that they end up together in real life. I began to wonder what kind of person they are and if there is also a possibility that they end up together in real life. If you would ask me, I’d say the guy in that drama likes the girl who is his love interest in the drama. I noticed that when I watch some of their behind the scenes and “the Special” of their drama. The way he looks at her is different and when he is asked what is his ideal woman, he almost described the actress. That may made me really happy. But, I don’t think the girl likes him. It’s as if she thinks of him nothing but colleague. That made me sad, but still I kept my hopes up. Everyday, I prayed that they end up together in real life. I waited..and waited…but no good news reached my ears.

It was now 2010, 4 years after that drama ended. I am now 12 yrs.old but I kept praying for the same thing. One day, my best friend who is also fond of that couple, broke a news to me. She told me, the actor in that drama used drugs and is about to go to military to pay for the sin he did. At first, I don’t believe it but after searching about it, it turned out to be true. I didn’t hate that actor for doing that. I told myself, he has a reason for doing such things and I know that he is ready to face the consequences of what he has done. I will just wait for him, until he’s back and become a better person..

A year later, I found a new drama. it was my aunt who told me to watch it. When I first saw it, I didn’t like it that much but when my aunt told me to watch it, I did as she said. I watched that drama  and told myself: I wouldn’t be attached to this drama. That’s what I planned, but just like how life isn’t fair to everyone, it didn’t go as I planned it. I found myself repeating the things I did 5 years ago.

The title of the drama is Secret Garden.

It was secret Garden who opened my eyes to how a person becomes a real “fan”. After watching Secret Garden, I didn’t just wondered of what kind of person is Hyun Bin-ssi and Ha Ji Won-ssi, but I also wondered of what kind of person is Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im. I told myself: If I walked the same path where  Ra Im and Joo Won walked, will I know, what kind of person are they?.

After watching Secret Garden, I thought that a real “fan” wouldn’t just know the real name of the celebrity he/she likes, their likes and dislikes. Instead, a real fan would think of what kind of a person that celebrity is. That fan would want to know about that celebrity he/she likes, not as someone he/she looks up to but he/she would want to know about that celebrity just like a friend.

I am very thankful that Secret Garden taught me those things. Because of that I came to understand more people. Take for example celebrities. What kind of people are they? Are they really made to entertain us? This is what I thought about what kind of people are celebrities.

For me, celebrities are normal people just like us. Sometimes they are forced to forget who they really are just to be someone who we like, someone who we’ll patronize. Remember what Hyun Bin-ssi said during an interview when he was asked of what kind of woman will he marry?. He told the interviewer someone who will understand his job, and someone whom, he can be himself whenever they’re together. I understand him because I had a point in my life when I forced myself to become someone I am not, in order to make other people happy. It’s like Hyun Bin-ssi is saying at least, one person is enough. I just need that one person to understand who I truly am. This is what I thought of celebrities, after watching Secret Garden.

I am very thankful to my aunt who told me to watch Secret Garden because I found a very special blessing in it. Not that I now understand a lot of people because of it, but I could also relate to some characters in Secret Garden. Take Joo Won for example, when he said he will be Ra Im’s little mermaid. To tell you the truth, there came a time in my life when I want to be someone’s little mermaid. I just want to stay by that person’s side as if I weren’t there and dissapear. I met this person when I was in 1st year high school and I’ve been inlove with him up until now. But, oh well, I’m not here to talk about that anyway. 🙂

There are a lot of things I learned from Secret Garden and I am very thankful for that.

Because of Secret Garden, i found new friends, oh not just friends, they are my second family. All the while I thought I was being weird because it’s been 2 years since SeGa has ended and I just can’t get over with it. But now, I found my home in here because I found my SeGa Family in here. I really thankful for my SeGa family for accepting me as I am. 🙂

To, Hyun Bin-ssi and Ha Ji Won-ssi. May you two be healthy and safe always. I wish you all the best and I hope you can come here in my country. I want to meet the two of you not as celebrities but as my older brother ans older sister. I hope that you two may end up together in real life. 😉 That’s just what I hope. It’s still up to God to decide. 🙂 If and only if God has better plans for you two then let’s just say atleast Joo Won and Ra Im ended up together. I also hope you maintain good relationship with each other even as friends.

To my SeGa family, thank you very much for accepting me. I Love you Unnis! 😉

One fan loves you…

That fan loves you with all her heart…

She has now found her family and is now happy..

She just wanted to say : thank you very much…. 


Ha Ji Won Is Blinding In White In The June Issue of InStyle Korea

Omo! Ji Won unni, is so beautiful in here. :)). Hope i can meet you in person Unni. And I hope you’ll do another kdrama with Hyun Bin oppa. :)). Fighting Unni! God Bless you! :))

SeGa's Family

Our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, is featured in next month’s issue of InStyle Korea, as she promotes her film The Huntresses. Recently, Jiwonnie signed on to play Empress Qi in the MBC drama Hwatu.

The main concept of the pictorial was white. For the pictorial, the actress wore mini dresses in white and white pearl accessories. With using pearl head pieces and bracelet, the actress looked pure and graceful.

For the makeup, to emphasize the color white not much of the color was used. With brown eye makeup, she looked natural and soft.

According the actress, color white is her favorite color. “When I was working, one director told me white looks great on actresses because it is easy to focus and they look beautiful. However, when wearing white color, it is important not to gain weight.”

The white modern collections made her really looks incredibly…

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Just Me. :)

Hello everyone! 🙂 I hope you had a good day today! I’m just new here as you can see. :). I hope we can all be friends. Ermm, what should i say?. Uhmm, I’m a 16-yr.old girl who loves anime so much and kdramas too. :). By the way, I live in the Philippines.

Recently, I’ve been very addicted to the best korean drama for me which is the Secret Garden. It’s like a home to me. There’s never a year in which i wouldn’t miss Secret Garden. I really miss it that’s why when i saw the the sega family blog, i decided to be a part in it. I want to meet people who also love secret garden. I hope we could all be friends.

I think this is it for today because i don’t what to say since i am new here. Hope you guys have a great day! God Bless. :))

-Jha. :]